Ideal Air

Our Service team is made up of highly qualified technicians who are ready to respond to all types of reactive service concerns. We provide comprehensive support to our customers ensuring that problems are solved quickly, safely and cost effectively, and in accordance with our current ISO 40051 Health and Safety Certification.

All service staff have formal industry qualifications as well as electrical registration, in addition to completing regular external and in-house training.

Job Management

We believe that one of the best things we can provide customers with is good communication, and this forms the foundation for the management of our service department. Using our purpose built ‘Service Portal’ we track service jobs live, receiving up to date information from technical staff on repairs as and when they are underway. So, if you or your tenants have questions, we have the answers you need.

Ideal Air’s unique triage process ensures that jobs are prioritized and completed at the right time by the right technician, whether it is a high rise building with central plant down town, or a small wall mounted air conditioning system for an industrial office around the corner.


Customer Support

Temporary air conditioning units are available to offer contingency heating and cooling if required for high priority spaces such as server rooms or critical spaces, providing the best possible level of interim heating or cooling while we carry out quoting or repairs.


On Call All The Time

When you need us, we aren’t difficult to get a hold of. An on-call manager is available 24/7 to receive service calls and coordinate a technician to attend to any afterhours concerns.

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