Customer Advisory – Auckland Service Prioritisation

Dear customers and Process Partners,

Auckland is experiencing very warm and humid weather which prompted Ideal Air to post two Service Alerts, the first was posted last Monday morning after an extremely warm weekend and the second posted Wednesday for high humidity.

The complication is the very warm and humid weather is still with us and as a result Ideal Air’s Auckland Branch has processing 50 service jobs per day every day since Monday which is twice our historical January norm.

This has meant that our service coordination team are managing all urgent breakdowns using Ideal Air’s Triage Service Management Tool which gives priority to faults that have the potential to cause property damage and injury to people, these include water leaks and presence of smoke, the second type of breakdown that is given priority are those that will cause complete system failures resulting in total loss of cooling effect in a building.

The warm and humid weather will continue to be with Auckland for the balance of this week so our service coordination team will continue to manage work using the Triage Management Tool ensuring all breakdowns of a critical nature (water leaks, smoke/fire and complete system failures) are attended as per Ideal Air’s normal job response times.

We appreciate your patience this week with our service team and want to assure you that our team will process all critical breakdowns as I have previously mentioned and will attend all outstanding other works as soon as weather permits.

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