Service Alert – 30 January 2018

Effects of Very Warm Overnight Temperature

Auckland’s over night out door air temperature was very warm and humid; this will probably result in numerous ‘water leaks’ within air conditioned buildings.

Why, when overnight out door air temperature drops to a comfortable 14C – 16C water/humidity contained in the air condenses on cool surfaces like car windscreens etc as dew, however if out door air does not have an opportunity to cool overnight as with last night then water will condense on cool surfaces like air conditioning ducts etc within the ceiling spaces manifesting as water leaks.

Action, more often than not a water leak of this nature is not the failure/fault of the air conditioning system however containment steps need to be taken to prevent damage to property.

NB. We would appreciate your patience today, because water leaks have the potential to cause damage to property we prioritise them over and above most other types of service concerns and therefore there may be delays with clearing/actioning other air conditioning service problems.

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