Service Alert – 11 September 2017

Effects of the Cold Weekend

During the weekend Auckland’s daytime and overnight temperatures have been constantly very cool.

Repetitive ‘very cool days and nights’ will cause most buildings to ‘give up’ heat leaving the temperature of the occupied space very similar to the average out door air temperature.

The heating systems of most commercial office buildings are not designed to warm the building from these very low temperatures and therefore it is very likely that the required rate of reheating many
buildings this morning (Monday morning) may exceed or be close to the heating capacity of the air conditioning system.

Therefore it will not be unusual for occupants to feel the air conditioning system is not working/coping making them feel ‘too cold’, drafts or ‘temperature all over the place’ and some cases feel the air conditioning is blowing very hot stuffy air.

Please feel free to contact Ideal Air if you have any question/concerns regarding this Service Alert.

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