Ideal Air

At Ideal Air we are committed to working collaboratively with customers to design and install air conditioning systems which are best suited to the space. Our goal is to offer solutions that customers can depend on both in the quality of workmanship and the end result once the job has been completed.

Our project managers are hands on, meaning they take personal responsibility for all work in order to guarantee installation performance. Our partnering subcontractors are selected through a rigorous assessment of their quality of work as well as their health and safety and environmental documentation to ensure their ethos is aligned with that of Ideal Air.

Retro-Fitting and Refrigerant Phaseout

With the current change in legislation regarding refrigerants R22 and 410A we feel it would be irresponsible for us to recommend costly repairs to customers without providing alternatives through retrofitting. If you have a system which currently operates on either R22 and 410A, we are willing to partner with you to extend the lifespan of your air conditioning plant and are able to undertake cost effective retrofitting of air conditioning systems.


Health & Safety and Environmentally Conscious

We are big believers in being good stewards of our environment and are committed to managing resources responsibly, and reuse or recycle. If required, this information can be provided to property managers who are seeking Green Star Certification.

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