Ideal Air

Ideal Air’s own ‘Smart Maintenance Process’ (SMT) ensures consistent industry best practices are utilised in the regular checking of customer’s air conditioning systems. Our goal is to identify faults before they become problems.

Maintenance is delivered with a seasonal focus, according to manufacturers’ specifications, and against Ideal Air’s long-standing experience in the HVAC industry and modeling against other aging plant.

Ideal Air recognizes that all sites and customers are unique and because of this have different requirements as to how and when they wish their maintenance to be completed. A custom schedule is created for each site which includes mechanical plant, any site-specific information or hazards and all other bells and whistles to ensure the day to day experience of maintenance is truly ideal.

Safe Work Methods

At the forefront of all work undertaken is the health and safety of customers and our staff.

Our courteous technicians are well equipped with high visibility uniforms, specific shoes for the safe ascension of ladders, and appropriate cones and signage to ensure that tenants are well aware of their presence and that work can be carried out as safely as possible.


Asset Reporting

Communication is core to the Ideal Air SMT Process. We aim to have clear reporting to customers on the status of their properties’ air conditioning systems.

While carrying out maintenance, any faults discovered on site are flagged by our technicians through our Field Service Alert (FSA) Process.

These faults are quoted by our engineering department and sent through to customers eliminating the need to review/read onerous maintenance reports.

Customers are also able to access the full history of previous and existing faults on any of their properties through the Ideal Air Service Portal. This information can also be easily summarized and copied into property reports.


Building Warrant of Fitness

Our IQP Registered Staff are able to provide a ‘Form 12A’ Annual Maintenance Certificate to all our commercial maintenance customers.

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