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Ideal Air

Providing Comfort

At Ideal Air, we understand that air conditioning is a huge part of the facilitation of comfort in spaces.

We are committed to creating and maintaining these ideal environments for people to occupy through the delivery of fit-for-purpose air conditioning solutions – undertaking anything from all shapes and sizes of projects work through to planned quoted BWOF maintenance and reactive service jobs or repairs.

Since 1990, we have been partnering with our customers to deliver outcomes for all types of air conditioning systems, makes and models. Our team of highly skilled technicians are committed to the job from start to finish – without compromising on the quality or safety.

In addition to the day to day air conditioning needs, we have all types of other helpful resources such as:

  • ‘Air Conditioning Toolbox 101’ Training Resources for Property & Facility Managers help individuals better understand the whats and whys of HVAC
  • Contingency planning for the ‘what ifs’ as well as a small fleet of portable air conditioning units available to customers for critical areas
  • Comprehensive asset inspection and reporting to aid in planning ahead
  • Chiller or Plant Room maintenances or upgrades

Ideal Air

Since 1990

What our customers are saying

​BC Group has worked with Ideal Air for many years.  We currently oversee the compliance of approximately 100 buildings with Ideal Air, and collect the respective 12A’s to obtain our mutual clients Building Warrant of fitness.

During this process we get to understand the delivery of these key documents and experience the timeliness of the contractors’ service delivery and, we get to talk to our mutual clients about this and other service-related issues.

Over the many years we have found Ideal Air, to be one of the most reliable and timely service providers in the mechanical ventilation sector. BC Group would have no hesitation in recommending them to new clients and are happy to provide a verbal reference if requested.


Ian Redshaw

Managing Director – BC Group

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